Cindy Marcus

Cindy is used to working with a partner. She's co-written for Star Trek Deep Space Nine, spent five years on staff at Disney where she penned the biggest selling video in history, The Lion King II - Simba's Pride as well as many other animated features. She has over three dozen plays and musicals that are performed all across the globe. She's also the author of the non-fiction books Playdate, and The Ultimate Young Actor's Guide. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, son, and quite possibly the greatest dog in the world.






Scott Q Marcus

Scott has lost 2,327 pounds – IF you add up all the weight he has lost (and regained) from childhood until he was 39, when he finally discovered the “secret to weight loss success” and dropped 70 pounds — which he has now maintained since the mid nineties. Therefore, he is jokingly referred to as a “THINspirational speaker” and his lively, upbeat presentations have been described as a “cross between nutrition 101, group therapy, and a southern revival.” In addition to being an award-winning speaker, he is past president of the northern California chapter of the National Speakers Association, a syndicated newspaper columnist, as well as an author of eight other books, and the founder of, a site to help fellow “recovering perfectionists” get past what holds them back. He lives with his wife in the Redwoods along the beautiful northcoast of California, and has been known to do presentations in exchange for good quality chocolate. (But he’ll deny it.)




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